AS/A Biology | Introduction | Lesson plan


Jul16 (1 day) and some general aspects of biology will be re-approached occasionally throughout the year


  • Why everyone should know some biology
  • Possible futures studying biology
  • Interdisciplinary biology
  • History of Biology
  • Methods of inquiry in Biology
  • Open questions in Biology
  • Student specific goal assessment
  • Exam preparation vs understanding

Learning outcomes

The student should:

  • understand that the process of preparing for an exam is very different from understanding the subject.
  • appreciate the general use of knowing some biology
  • realize that Biology is not a refuge from doing math
  • strive to learn multiple skills in different disciplines in order to be able to be good at biology
  • get a flavour of the career paths that are open if one studies biology

Teaching Process

  • Informal discussion on student specific wants and needs
  • Documentaries on the history of different fields of biology


Assignments / Evaluation

Suggested reading

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