AS/A Physics | Introduction | Lesson plan


Jul 16 (1 day) And some aspects re-approached later in the year


  • Why everyone should know some Physics: How physics connects to our daily lives and how we can use it to do interesting things.
  • History of Science in general and Physics in particular
  • Methods of inquiry in Physics
  • The open questions in Physics
  • Possible futures studying Physics
  • Student specific goal assessment
  • Exam preparation vs understanding

Instructional Objectives

Students should be able to:

  • understand the difference between writing an exam and understanding the concepts
  • see how learning physcis can benefit a wide variety of disciplines
  • get an idea of the career options after learning physics

Teaching Process

  • Informal discussion on students wants and needs
  • Documentaries shown over the course of the year on the history of Physics

References and suggested reading

Assignments / Evaluation

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