AS/A Physics | Units And Dimensions | Lesson plan


July 17 - Jul 30 (2 weeks)


  • History of the units system
  • Features of a good unit system
  • The FPS, CGS and MKS systems
  • The SI system
  • Basic and derived units
  • Prefixes
  • Inter system conversions
  • Dimensional analysis

Instructional objectives

Students should be able to:

  • understand the importance of having a good unit system
  • understand the qualities of a good unit system
  • convert between different unit systems
  • understand how to obtain derived units from basic units
  • recollect all the basic units used in the SI system
  • learn to use frifixes such as micro nano mega etc to scale the units
  • Analyze the dimensions in an equation to look for mistakes
  • Derive simple equations using dimensional analysis

Teaching Process

  • Make them come up with their own ways of defining units and identify the aspects of a good unit system
  • Make them solve problems of converting between different unit systems
  • Derive equations using dimensional analysis


  • experimentally determining constants of dimensional analysis

Suggested reading / References


  • Assignments on dimensional analysis
  • Written test
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