AS/A Physics | Vectors | lesson plan


Aug 24- Sept13 (3 weeks)


  • Scalars and vectors.
  • Why vectors?
  • Vector operations
  • resolution of vectors
  • vectors in the cartesian co-ordinate system

Instructional objectives

Students should be able to:

  • Differentiate between scalar and vector quantities
  • Understand that vectors have both a magnitude and direction
  • understand how vectors add up.
  • understand why vectors are useful in physics
  • know how to subtract vectors
  • know how to multiply vectors by a scalar
  • know how to find the dot product of two vectors
  • know how to find the cross product of two vectors
  • know how to resolve vectors into components that are convenient to analyze
  • know how to represent vectors in the cartesian co-ordinate system
  • know how the dot product and cross product can be found using cartesian vectors

Teaching Process

Some of the concepts are already familiar to the students. After revising these concepts, they are extended to the caresian co-ordinate system. They also learn concepts of vector multiplication


  • Gravesand's apparatus of resolving forces to show the parallelogram law of adding vectors

Suggested reading / References

Assignments / Evaluation

  • assignments on vector operations
  • assignments on cartesian vectors
  • written test
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