201516 10 Chemistry Lessonplan Vinay

June 2

The final term Q P of previous year will be discussed


Lesson Plan for Inorganic Carbon Chemistry

This chapter has very few concepts and a lot information wrt preparation and uses. The students are adviced to self study the information part and only the concepts are dealt in the class…

  • Reactions of calcium carbonate, calcium hydroxide and calcium oxide are dealt and it's interconversions
  • The above compounds' acidic and basic propeties are understood
  • Calcium hydroxide is prepared in laboratory and is used for testing CO2
  • Students are expected to prepare carbon cycle by themselves
  • CO2 as green house gas is highlighted
  • Green House effect and Global warming is dealt in detail
  • Carbon di oxide is prepared in the lab

All the Additional questions of the chapter is solved in class as it helps in concept building

Lesson plan for Reaction Kinetics

  • Chemical reactions are understood at a molecular level in terms of collisions of molecules
  • Collision theory is introduced and importance of collisions, orientations and energy of molecules is emphasized for chemical reactions to take place
  • Energy of molecules Vs reaction path graph is explained in full detail emphasizing the activated complex and activation energy.
  • Maxwell- Boltzmann distribution graph is explained to know the relation between energy and temperature of molecules
  • Rate of chemical reaction are understood with the help of the above mentioned graph
  • Effect of concentration, temperature, catalyst, surface area and light on rate of reactions is dealt in detail
  • Enzymes as biological catalysis is understood
  • Catalytic decomposition of hydrogen peroxide is demonstrated
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