Solaj (A level) Physics | Stationary Waves


2 weeks (Aug 2 - Aug 16)


  • Theory of stationary waves
  • Conditions for stationary waves
  • Stationary waves on strings
  • stationary waves with sound
  • stationary waves with microwaves
  • Measuring wavelength and speed of sound

Instructional objectives

  • explain and use the principle of superposition in simple applications
  • show an understanding of experiments that demonstrate stationary waves using microwaves, stretched strings and air columns
  • explain the formation of a stationary wave using a graphical method, and identify nodes and antinodes

Teaching Process

  • Theoretical derivations of equations for conditions of stationary waves
  • Demonstration and experimental analysis of stationary waves


  • Finding wavelength of sound using a resonance column

Suggested reading / References

Assignments / Evaluation

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