Unico (class 9) Physics | Gas Laws


Nov 22 - Dec 5 (2 periods)


  • Relation between pressure and volume at constant temperature
  • Relation between pressure and temperature at constant volume
  • Relation between temperature and volume at constant pressure
  • PV=nRT
  • Absolute zero

Instructional objectives

  • Describe qualitatively, in terms of molecules, the relationship between pressure, volume and temperature.
  • Be able to use PV/T = constant to solve numerical problems
  • Describe what happens to an ideal gas at absolute zero.'
  • Difference between an ideal gas and a real gas

Teaching Process

  • Recap on Kinetic Molecular model of Pressure and temperature
  • Arrive intuitively at the relationships between P, V and T
  • Numerical problems

Assignments / Evaluation

  • Numerical problems
  • Written test
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