Class 7 Science | Sreeja


Units and conversion

  • Importance of measurement, units and standard units
  • Recap of the measuring length, mass and time; differents units of each kind specified.
  • Introducing metric system
  • Interconversion of units of fundamental quantities such as length, mass and time.

Electric circuits

  • Recap of importance of circuit diagram.
  • Introducing building simple circuits such as lighting an LED, turning a motor etc using breadboard
  • Introduction to soldering


Cells, tissues and organs

  • Recap - Characteristics of living organisms
  • Recap - microbes
  • Plant cells
  • Animal cells
  • Classification of different types of cells in our body based on their shape and function
  • Introducing different organ system in our body.
  • Investigation of organs and organ systems’ complexity in a few animals such as amoeba, sponge, worms etc.

States of matter

  • Particle arrangement
  • Discussion of properties based on intermolecular force and attraction
  • States of matter
  • Changing state
  • Explaining changes of state


Seasons on earth

  • Cause of seasons on earth
  • Seasons on other planets in solar system

weather and climate

  • wind
  • cyclones and storms


Transportation system in plants

  • Structure, identification and functions of xylem and phloem

Transportation system in humans (circulatory system)

  • Understanding the mechanism of circulatory system using a simple working model
  • Components of blood,
  • Schematic diagram of double circulation,
  • Schematic representation of heart system
  • Circulatory system in other animals in brief



  • Recap of last year/ Quiz on magnetic and non- magnetic materials
  • Magnetic poles
  • Earth - a giant magnet
  • Natural magnets and Electromagnets

Respiratory system

  • Lungs structure, breathing and respiration
  • Mechanism of breathing using simple working model


Simple machines

  • Recap of simple machines
  • Identifying simple machines in a compound machine( ex: sewing machine, mixer, grinder etc)
  • Demonstration and description of mechanical advantage

++Acids, bases and salts

  • Recap physical properties
  • indicator tests(litmus and pH paper)


Living world and its surroundings(iExplore book ref)

  • Habitat
  • Organisms and habitat



  • Uniform and non-uniform motion
  • Speed
  • Measurement of time
  • Measurement of speed
  • Distance time graph


Changes around us

  • Physical and chemical changes
  • differentiation and representation (word equations)


Project based on metals and non-metals

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