2019-20 10th IG Addl Maths (0606)


Indices and surds: (Chapter 3, one week)

  • Simplification of indices and surds
  • Rationalizing the denominator
  • Solving equations with Indices and surds

Permutations and Combinations (Chapter 10, one week)

  • Idea of an Arrangement as a factorial
  • Arranging a subset (order matters): Permutations
  • Select some from a group: Combinations

Functions (Chapter 1, two weeks)

  • Maps, functions, domain and range
  • One-one, many-one and one-many maps. What do you need to make an inverse function possible
  • Composite and inverse functions
  • Introduction to modulus function


Logarithms and Exponential functions (Chapter 6, 3 weeks)

  • Logarithms and exponential functions (as inverse functions, graphing, asymptotes)
  • Logarithms to various bases (including 10 and e)
  • Laws of logarithms (and changing base)
  • Solving logarithmic and exponential equations

Factors and Polynomials (Chapter 4, two weeks)

  • Polynomial long division
  • Factor and remainder theorems
  • Factorising cubic equations


Simultaneous equations and quadratics (Chapter 2, one week)

  • Graphs of quadratic functions and locating maxima and minima
  • Modulus of a quadratic function
  • Quadratic inequalities

Equations, inequalities and graphs (Chapter 5, 2 weeks)

  • Modulus equations and inequalities
  • Sketching cubics
  • Solving cubic inequalities and quadratic equations

(First term exam portion ends here)

Circular measure (Chapter 8, 2 classes)

  • Definition of a radian and conversion between degrees and radians
  • Calculation of arc length and area of a sector


Trigonometric identities and equations (Chapter 9, 1 week)

  • Solve problems in sections 9.7, 9.8 and 9.9


Trigonometric identities continued (1 week solving problems)

Series (Chapter 11, 2 weeks)

Straight line graphs (Chapter 7, one class and rest self-study)


Differentiation I (3 weeks)




Application of calculus to simple kinematic problems

Holiday homework on differentiation and vectors


Revision and some timed tests

Mock exam


Final Exams

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