6th Science | Sreeja


Food: Where does it come from?

  • Food variety
  • Sources of food
  • Plant parts and animal products as food
  • Herbivore, Carnivore and omnivore

Components of food

  • Major nutrients
  • Test for starch, fats, protein and vitamin,
  • Balanced diet,
  • Deficiency disorders,


Fibre to fabric

  • History of clothing material
  • Plant fibres-Cotton and jute
  • Yarn to fabric

Sorting materials into groups

  • Different types of objects and the material they are made of
  • Properties of materials- Appearance, hardness, soluble or insoluble, transparency, opaque and translucent


Separation of substances

  • Need of separation
  • Different methods of separation
  • Water as a universal solvent.

Changes around us

  • Reversible and irreversible changes


Getting to know plants.

  • Classification of plants based on height, stem and branches, structure and functions of root, leaf, flower

Body movements

  • Human body and its movements.
  • Different types of joints in human and other animals around us
  • Introduction of human skeletal system

October and November

The living organisms and habitats

  • Habitats and adaptations
  • Different types of habitats
  • Characteristics of living things

++Motion and measurement of distances.

  • Story of transport
  • Standard units of measurements
  • Correct measurement of length
  • Measuring the length of a curved line
  • Moving things around us and types of motion.

December and January

Light, Shadows and reflection

  • Different types of objects(transparent, opaque and translucent)
  • Shadows and its formation
  • Pinhole camera
  • Mirrors and reflection.

Electricity and circuits

  • Electric cell
  • Electric circuit
  • Electric switch
  • Electric conductors and insulators.
  • Electric circuits


Fun with magnets

  • Discovery of magnets
  • Magnetic and non magnetic materials
  • Poles of magnet
  • Finding directions
  • Attraction and repulsion.


  • Where do we get water from
  • Water cycle, loss of water by plants
  • Formation of clouds
  • Physical and chemical properties of water
  • Conservation of water -– Rain water harvesting


Air around us

  • Components of air
  • Availability of oxygen to animals and plants living in water and soil
  • Replacement of oxygen in the atmosphere

Garbage in and garbage out

  • Composting
  • Plastic : Boon or curse?
  • Recycling
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