8th Chemistry | Sreeja

June and July

Fundamentals of chemistry

  • Atom and its constituents
  • Molecules, elements
  • Compounds, symbols and formulae
  • Atomic model,
  • Atomic number and mass number,
  • Valence shell, ions, valency and radicals
  • Balancing of chemical reactions
  • Combining of atoms
  • Electronic configuration


Periodic table

  • Periodic table and its need
  • Classification and arrangement of elements
  • Relation between electronic configuration and periodic table
  • Types of periodic table used earlier and Modern periodic table

Changes around us (Recap)

  • Physical and chemical changes


Chemical bonding

  • Ionic bonding
  • Covalent bonding
  • Metallic bonding
  • Applications
  • Introducing chemical bonding among compounds which are common and familiar to students

in their daily life


Types of chemical reactions

  • Balancing chemical equations


Carbon- Occurrence of carbon in nature

  • Carbon compounds : Introduction and overview

++Metals and non metals

  • Physical and chemical properties of metals and non metals
  • Important metals and non-metals and alloys.


Coal and petroleum

  • Where do they obtain from?
  • Uses
  • Fractional distillation
  • Pollution caused by fossil fuels
  • Consequence of over extraction of fossil fuels


Synthetic fibres and plastics

  • Raw materials
  • Process of their synthesis


Combustion and flame

  • Conditions necessary for combustion.
  • Different zones of the flame.
  • Different types of fuels.


  • Revision
  • Exams
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