202021 As Statistics Jyothi

This class meets 3 times a week and will cover Statistics 1 by late October (and then Statistics 2 for students taking the A-level at the end of year 1).

The textbooks are Probability and Statistics 1 by Dean Chalmers and Probability and Statistics 2 by Jayne Kranat; both published by the Cambridge University Press


Representation of data

(Chapter 1, one week)

  • Introduce working with data and discuss why representation matters
  • Work on some real data and solve some problems to see why the benefits of various representations

Measures of Central tendency

(Chapter 2, one week)

  • Why do we need a single measure of location, when are they helpful
  • Mean, median, mode
  • Idea of an expectation and introduce sigma notation

Measures of variation

(Chapter 3, two weeks)

  • Why do we need measures of location, when are they helpful
  • variance and standard deviation
  • Problems involving grouped data



(Chapter 4, 2 weeks)

  • Mutually exclusive vs independent events
  • Conditional probabilities
  • Solve problems

Probability distributions

(Chapter 6, two weeks)

  • The idea of a random variable
  • Using permutation and combination
  • Expectation and variance of a discrete RV


Binomial and geometric distributions

(Chapter 7, two weeks)

  • What is a binomial distribution and where is it useful?
  • Expectation and variance of a binomial distribution
  • Problems
  • What is a geometric distribution and where is it useful?
  • Expectation and variance of a geometric distribution
  • Problems

The normal distribution (Chapter 8, two weeks)

  • Introduction to the normal distribution
  • Problems
  • Standard normal
  • Relationship between Normal and Binomial distributions

(First term exam portion and Stat 1 portion ends here)

Statistics II starts in October. From October 18th will use all 8 class periods for stat 2


Computer based projects for students taking only stat 1 this term

Stat 2: Hypothesis testing (Book 2 Chapter 1, two weeks)

Stat 2: The Poisson distribution (Book 2 Chapter 2, two weeks)


Problem solving for students taking only stat 1 this term

Stat 2: Linear combinations of RVs (Book 2 Chapter 3, one week)

Stat 2: Continuous RVs (Book 2 Chapter 4, one week)


Solve old papers

Stat 2: Sampling and estimation (Chapter 5 and chapter 6): 3 weeks


Revision and some timed tests

Mock exam


Final Exams

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