3 Hindi Annualplan Suja

First Term

  • 1st Group letters and maatra, Two letter words using them, name of animals, name of colours
  • 2nd Group, Two letter words, Simple sentence reading and name of flowers
  • Activities: Poems, Story-telling, Numbers

Second Term

*3rd Group, words using the above groups, relationship names, reading simple poem

  • 4th Group, simple passage reading and writing, writing Hindi number
  • Activities: Names of fruits and vegetables, Body parts, Games (Bingo)

Third Term

  • Revision
  • Drama, Role-plays, Poetry performance



  • To recognize and pronounce each letter of varnamala properly
  • Simple words two, three and four letter words
  • Small sentences
  • Proper stress on matra while reading
  • Reading lyrical poem


  • Simple sentences expressing daily activities of sleeping, bathing, eating, reading, playing
  • Making conversation on meeting new people
  • Making up sentences to talk about relations, mother, father, brother
  • While speaking using names of fruits, flowers, colours, textures, numbers
  • Recognizing and sharing names of objects seen in day to day


  • Revision of Varnamala (4 groups), with matra
  • Simple words three and four letters
  • Copying simple sentences
  • Hindi number 1-10
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