3 Maintopic Annualplan Shwetha


Origin of rivers- River system, delta, sea

  • Colour of water - colour of different water bodies
  • Sources of water
  • Formation of river
  • Rivers in India
  • Estuaries
  • Fresh water and saline water


Shape of earth, day and night, seasons

  • Home to Universe
  • Hot regions and Cold regions on earth
  • Oceans and continents
  • Recording time and activities during day and night
  • Seasons


Air has weight, atmosphere

  • 2 Balloon experiments - demonstrate air has weight ; air exerts pressure
  • Different layers of atmosphere
  • Wind instruments
  • Making musical instruments


Sun- as a source of energy

  • Sun - light and heat
  • Effect of sun's heat on water - evaporation - why sea is salty
  • Plants making food (photosynthesis - food cycle


Respecting/appreciating diversity

  • Exploring Tibetan Culture - Songs , Dance , Story of Dalai Lama
  • Tibetan food, Painting, History.


Far and near

  • Perspectives
  • Shadow and Light


People and animals

  • Domesticated animals. Animals in Art.
  • Endangered animals and Birds in India.
  • Movie : Animals are beautiful people


People and Plants

  • Taking care of plants
  • A journal of the plant that they are growing
  • Agriculture - organic farming - visit to an organic farm
  • Movie : The Lorax
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