4 Maintopic Annualplan Harshita

June – Water


  • Revisiting what the students already know about water.
  • What are the different uses of water
  • What are the main sources of water in the school and at home, what is their understanding of the usage of water in school and at home (mini project).
  • What water does – elicit from students what they understand about the nature of water, its forms etc.
  • Buoyancy - Float, sink or mix – solids and liquids (guess and test)
  • Water as a solvent and water ‘climbs’ (helps understand how/why water is useful for growing plants, leading to understand more about agriculture).
  • Evaporation, condensation – introduction to the concepts to explain the water cycle (to help them get a rudimentary understanding of the same)
  • Introduce the idea of – (almost touch and go)
    • Agriculture
    • Irrigation
    • Dam (why do we need dams/repercussions of sudden release of water without warning – what happens?)

Resources and methods of transaction

  • Read alouds (The story of Boondhi; Water stories from around the world), experiments (guess and test, demonstrations) and student led discussions.
  • Homi Bhabha Small Science – Textbook IV and Workbook IV

July – Earth

  • Get to understand their understanding of the Earth as a planet in the Solar system.
  • Introduction to Earth - shape/day and night, seasons (what are the different seasons they have experienced, their understanding of rotation and revolution) – mostly elicit from students.
  • Climate zones – what causes the different seasons?
  • Latitude, longitude and vegetation – introduction to the concepts, using different resources.

Resources and methods of transaction –

  • Read alouds – Bhoomi’s story, Bheeji’s story and others.
  • Videos showing the earth, it’s shape and season changes etc.
  • Making a model of the earth with clay (representing the earth’s biosphere)

August - Air

  • Properties of air/gases

September – Fire

  • What is energy
  • Kinds of energy

October – People

  • People and community
  • Diversity (Appreciating and respecting)
  • How people lived in the past
  • Introduction to history
  • Why are we interested in history
  • How can we know what happened long ago etc.

November/December – Space

  • Heavenly bodies

January/February – Life 1/Life 2

  • How plants make food.
  • Food chain
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