5 Hindi Annualplan Suja

First Term

  • Khoobsoorat Murga – Answer the questions, Who said to whom, Synonyms, Opposites, Gender
  • Lokmanya Tilak – Discussion on great Indian Personalities, Noun-pronouns,
  • Kaun Sikhata (Poem) – Reading in poetic meter, Rhyming words, Discussion on poet’s sensibilities

Second Term

  • Chatori banti – Sarvanam, Word recognition, Answer from context, Numbers
  • Florence Nightingale – Conjunctions, First aid, Discussion on service
  • Hans (Poem) – Rhyming words, Recitation

Third term

  • Mysore ki sair – Travel writing
  • Jaan hai to jahaan hai - Drama
  • Aoo Bhar le Khushiyaan – One-Act Play



  • To tackle reading difficulties and develop interest in reading
  • To relate words from previous interactions and improve understanding
  • Grasping and following the sequence of ideas in the text
  • Grasps relationships between objects, persons, ideas, events, etc. occurring in speech or in passages read out to him/her. Grasps the substance and the central idea of speech, talks and stories read to them
  • Correct pronunciation and ability to read in a particular rhythm and speed with punctuations.


  • To converse their thoughts confidently and share understandings of stories and poems
  • To describe and illustrate things from outside their class
  • Interacts with the peer group in the language
  • Uses appropriate words, phrases and sentences taught in the class(simple stories and words)
  • Participates in group activities plays etc.
  • Uses various types of sentences.
  • Has reasonable speed and flow in speech.
  • Uses correct language for expressing their thoughts.


  • The Student writes the language correctly.
  • Uses appropriate words, idioms and sentences in a composition.
  • Appropriate use of grammar like noun, proper noun, adjectives, verb, plural and gender
  • Writes answers to questions based on text or passages correctly.
  • Writes neat and legible hand with reasonable speed
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