5 Maintopic Annualplan Suja

First Term

Living Together

  • Plant and animal life around us, Bug world, Mapping to scale, Measurement units, Food chain/web, Pollination, Parts of flower,


  • Minerals, Creatures of soil, Water cycle, Conservation, Layers of soil, Soil erosion, Composting, Groundwater

How things move

*Different types of movements, Speed and its dependence on distance and time, Body Movements, Slowing and Stopping movement, Slippery and rough surfaces

States of India

  • Political map of India, Geographical features, Languages, History’s personalities, Cultural diversity

Second Term

Making a cart

  • Design a simple working model, Wheel and Axle, Working with everyday materials, Design analysis, Mechanical designs of vehicles

The things we use

  • Materials used in daily life, Organic and Inorganic, Changing technologies (Qills to Felt pens/ Bicycle Parts), How is paper made from wood, Biodegradable materials, Sustainable practices

What is in our bodies?

Cell as unit of life, Circulation, Functions of heart and lungs, How blood flows

Staying Healthy

  • Nutrition, Sources of starch, proteins, vitamins and minerals, Communicable diseases, Hygiene, Healthy food habits

Third Term

Our Earth

  • Earth is round, Globe, Magellan’s voyage, Continents and Oceans, Gravity and Distances

Day and Night

Earth’s rotation, Time zones, Revolution, Shadows,

Earth’s neighbours

  • Moon, Solar System, Constellations, Other moving bodies in space, Star gazing, Astronomical events
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