5 Maths Addition Subtraction


Aug 11 - Aug 28 (2 weeks)

Instructional objectives

Students should be able to:

  • add or subtract two whole numbers (place value upto lakhs) using appropriate sign and place value.(for eg: 1845 + 49781 = 51626, 100098 - 9999 = 90099).
  • understand word problems (involving addition and subtraction), write the appropriate steps and do the calculations.
  • add and subtract amounts of money
  • solve word problems dealing with money

Teaching process

  • Revising students’ idea of addition and subtraction by giving some problems.
  • Giving addition and subtraction involving place value upto lakhs.
  • Make them solve word problems involving whole numbers and money amounts.


  • Tuck shop for money management.

References and suggested reading

Assignments and evaluation

  • Answering additional worksheets.
  • conducting quiz regarding place value (orally/written)
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