5 Maths Angles


Jan 12 - Jan 26 (2 weeks)

Instructional objectives

  • To be able to understand how angles determine the shape of the polygon
  • To be able to differentiate angles into acute, right angle and obtuse.
  • To be able to use protractor to measure the angle.

Teaching process

  • Making different closed shapes using same number of matchsticks and make the students identify the difference among different shapes. Making them realise the fact that angles are different in different shapes.
  • Making an angle tester in which the ā€˜Lā€™ shape forms the right angle. Giving names to those angles which are smaller than the right angle as acute angle and the angles greater than the right angles are obtuse.
  • Measure the angles using protractor.


  • Making closed shapes using match sticks.
  • Making angle tester

References and suggested reading

  • NCERT text book

+Assignments and evaluation
*Answering additional worksheets.

  • Conducting quiz or test.
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