5 Maths Area And Perimeter


Jan 27 - Feb 3 (1 week)

Instructional objectives

Students should be able to:

  • Compare the size of any two surfaces by calculating area using a grid paper.
  • Calculate the area of rectangles and squares by using the the formula , area= length X breadth.
  • Calculate the total length of the boundary of any given shape by scale or by thread.

Teaching process

  • Ask students to find out the longer line out of any two given lines.
  • Similarly give them two different surfaces , for example a square and a rectangle having the same area and ask them which is bigger or how to find out which shape is bigger
  • Encouraging them to find the size of those given shapes using grid paper(1cmx 1cm). make them realise that both the surfaces have the same area. Or else they can find the surface area by multiplying length and breadth.
  • Explaining perimeter by giving the example of somebody trying to fence a compound . How will that person know that what is the length of the barb wire that he/she is going to buy?


  • Finding the area and perimeter of the classroom, pencil box, tabletop, leaf etc.

References and suggested reading

  • NCERT textbook

Assignments and evaluation

  • Answering additional worksheets.
  • Conducting quiz or test.
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