Solh (Class 5) Large numbers


Jul 1 - Jul 14 (2 weeks)

Instructional objective

  • identify place values to ten-thousands and 1 lakh.
  • compare three- to five-digit numbers and identify which number is greater.
  • Students will arrange numerals to build the greatest possible five-digit and six-digit number.
  • Indicate the value of a digit in a number.
  • Convert a number from expanded form to standard form. For example: (100) + (20) + (9) -> 129.
  • Convert a number from standard form to expanded form. For example 129 -> (100) + (20) + (9)
  • Convert a number from standard form to word form.
  • Convert a number from word form to standard form.
  • Recognize the place value of a specified digit in a number.
  • Recognize which digit is in a specified place in a number.
  • write the given numbers in ascending and descending orders
  • Compare two numbers and write which of them is greater
  • Rounding off the given numbers.

Teaching process

  • Write 347 and 453 on the board. Ask students to tell you which number is greater. Then ask, “Which place value did you compare to know that this is true? Why?” Guide students to understand that they compared the hundreds place because it is the highest place value in both numbers.
  • Reinforce the concept by underlining the hundreds place in each number and telling students that four hundreds is greater than three hundreds. Now ask, “What if the numerals in the hundreds place are the same? Which number is bigger, 347 or 353?” Guide students to understand that they should compare the next highest place value - the tens place.
  • Likewise introduce the higher digit numbers such as five and six digit numbers and asking them to guess the place value after hundred. Help them to find the higher place value such as thousand and ten thousand.
  • Once they have understood clearly, Ask them to write the numbers from expanded form to standard form and vice-versa. Convert the given number from standard form to word form and vice-versa.


  • Making a place value slider

References and suggested reading

Assignments and evaluation

  • Answering additional worksheets.
  • conducting quiz regarding place value (orally/written)
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