5 Maths Maps


Jun 2 - Jun 16 (2 weeks)

Instructional objectives

  • To be able to appreciate the use of maps
  • To be able to understand the need of scale
  • To be able to locate things by following directions

Teaching process

  • Starting by asking them to explain the location of their classroom with respect to school.
  • Ask them to draw the map of their classroom.
  • Convince them of the need for scale by showing them Bangalore map, India map, world map etc.
  • Making them understand the importance of directions in a map


  • Making them draw pictures on graph paper/grid and asking them to scale up/down the image
  • Ask them to draw the map of their house plot or school with scale.
  • Ask them to make a route map from their house to school with directions.
  • Treasure hunt

References and suggested reading

  • Google maps
  • Google earth

Assignments and evaluation

  • Answering the textbook questions.
  • Answering additional worksheets.
  • conducting quiz (orally/written)
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