7 Science Light


Jan14- Jan31

Instructional objectives

  • Understanding rectilinear propagation and reflection.
  • Plane, concave and convex mirrors, studying the image formation by them and their uses.
  • Concave and convex lens and their uses.
  • Sunlight - white light, dispersion, rainbow and colors.
  • Human eye - vision.

Teaching process

  • Encourage the students to speak about their idea and knowledge on light, light sources, shadows etc.
  • Discuss about the path of the light, speed of light, reflection of light by giving an analogy of a rubber ball bouncing when it hits on a hard surface.
  • Studying the image formation by spherical mirrors by performing the activities mentioned in the textbook. Discussing the applications of spherical mirrors.
  • Studying the properties of lenses and their uses.
  • Understanding why sunlight is white light, splitting white light by passing through a prism.


  • Image formation by spherical mirrors.
  • Dispersion of white light by passing through a prism.

References and suggested reading

Assignment and evaluation

  • Answering textbook questions.
  • Conducting written test/quiz.
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