Meluhia (class 7) Motion And Time


Jul 28 - Aug 14 (2 weeks)

Instructional objectives

  • Understanding the importance of frame of reference to describe the state of a system.
  • Differentiate motion and rest with respect to the frame of reference.
  • Understanding distance, displacement, speed, velocity, constant speed, average speed, instantaneous speed,uniform motion, non- uniform motion etc.
  • To understand the concept of keeping time and different methods of calculating time with accuracy
  • Understanding the need of a graph.
  • Analysis of distance time graph.

Teaching process

  • Asking them the importance of knowing time, different methods of measuring time during ancient days, evolution of pendulum clock, different types of clocks etc.
  • Explaining motion and rest with respect to different frames of reference. Recording motion of objects in a given span of time, measuring distance, calculating the average speed, instantaneous speed etc.
  • Plotting distance-time graph and analyzing the graph. Discussing why plotting graph is superior over other methods of recording data such as observation table,


  • Watching the documentary regarding the evolution of clocks
  • Calculate the time period of simple pendulum and understand its dependency on length and mass.
  • Demonstration of water clock and a sundial.
  • Conducting a running race and calculating the speed of each student.

References and suggested reading

Special modification

  • Simple worksheets
  • Familiarizing with new terms by making a list and ask students to write a note about it.
  • Sit with the student once a week and help him/her to write answers to the questions given in the textbook/ worksheets.

Assignment and evaluation

  • Answering worksheets/ textbook questions.
  • Conducting written test/quiz.
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