7 Science Nutrition In Animals


Nov and Dec ( very few classes due to the preparation for annual production.)

Instructional objectives

  • Understanding the parts of human digestive system (different parts and their function in digestion.)
  • Understanding the digestion in amoeba.
  • Understanding the digestion in grass eating animals.

Teaching process

  • Start with the importance of digestion of the food that we eat and introduce why we have such a long complex digestive system with associated glands.
  • Explaining how digestion of food happens at different parts.
  • Explaining digestion and digestive system in amoeba, a single cell organism.
  • Explaining digestive system,digestion in grass eating animals and how it is different from other animals.


  • Observing amoeba under microscope.

References and suggested reading

Assignment and evaluation

  • Answering textbook questions.
  • Conducting written test/quiz.
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