Meluhia (Class 7) | Physical & Chemical Changes


Oct 7 - Oct 21 (2 weeks)

Instructional objectives

  • To understand different physical properties.
  • Difference between physical and chemical changes.
  • Elements, compounds and mixtures. Their chemical formulae
  • Different types of chemical changes with examples.
  • Some of the chemical changes such as photosynthesis, rusting.
  • Galvanization, importance of crystallisation.

Teaching process

  • Start the class by discussing about the changes happening around them. Listing few of them and classifying them into physical and chemical changes. Give the reason for why they are called by those names.
  • Classifying substances into elements, compound and mixtures and introducing their chemical formulae and importance of the chemical formulae while writing chemical reactions (chemical changes).
  • Performing different chemical reactions and classifying them.
  • Analysing how chemical reactions are useful and some are not useful for us by understanding about photosynthesis and rusting.


  • Performing chemical reactions mentioned in the textbook.
  • Demonstration of mass conservation law.

References and suggested reading

Assignment and evaluation

  • Answering textbook questions.
  • Conducting written test/quiz.
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