Meluhia (class 7) Soil


Jun 30 - Jul 14 (2 weeks)

Instructional objectives

  • To understand soil formation, soil profile, types of soil, weathering and soil erosion.
  • To understand the importance of reforestation.
  • To understand, appreciate and explore alternate methods in farming such as hydroponics, permaculture etc.

Teaching process

  • The whole chapter is divided into five different subtopics
  • (1) Soil profile and soil type
  • (2) Soil PH and crops
  • (3) Weathering and soil formation
  • (4) Soil erosion, deforestation and prevention
  • (5) Alternate farming such as hydroponics and demonstration
  • Students are divided into five groups, having two people in each group. The groups can choose one of the subtopics and submit their written work, pictures and videos or movies if any. After submitting their work they can present their topic in front of the class.
  • Short summary of details missed by the students.


  • Activities which are planned by the students. (which will be updated here, one they have done it.)
  • Visit to hydroponics farm.
  • Hydroponics farming at school.

References and suggested reading

Special modification

  • Simple worksheets
  • Familiarizing with new terms by making a list and ask students to write a note about it.
  • Sit with the student once a week and help him/her to write answers to the questions given in the textbook/ worksheets.

Assignment and evaluation

  • Project presentation by each student/group on a self chosen topic/experiment
  • Answering worksheets/ textbook questions.
  • Conducting written test/quiz.
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