Paco (class 8) Energy


Jun 30 - Jul 14 (2 weeks)

Instructional Objective

  • Identifying forms of energy and interconvertibility
  • Potential and Kinetic energy
  • Energy conservation law
  • To understand about the formation of fossil fuels and its efficiency over other fuels
  • To understand difference between renewable and nonrenewable energy with examples
  • Pros and cons of nuclear energy
  • To understand the air pollution caused by the use of fossil fuels and prevention
  • Energy crisis and judicious use of energy

Teaching processes

  • Review of motion and force
  • Make them realise energy exchange (particularly potential and kinetic) happens through force.
  • Asking students about different energy sources and eliciting the answer from them that the sun is the ultimate source of energy.
  • Discussing the difference between energy sources (wind,waves etc) and fuels.
  • Differentiating renewable and nonrenewable sources of energy
  • Giving fossil fuels as examples of non renewable source of energy and explaining about their formation.
  • Explaining about the interconvertibility of energy by giving examples.
  • Asking them to build ‘Rube-goldberg contraption’ and understand the energy interconvertibility.
  • Discussion about the wastage of energy and its prevention.
  • Discussion on energy crisis, judicious use of energy, air pollution due to fossil fuels and prevention.
  • Explaining about nuclear energy (controlled (nuclear reactor) and uncontrolled (atomic bomb) way of usage) and explaining about mass energy conversion
  • Energy production in sun
  • Comparing nuclear energy with chemical sources of energy.
  • Ending with law of conservation of energy

References and suggested reading

Support materials and special need modification

  • Simple worksheets
  • Familiarizing with new terms by making a mind map


  • kinetic energy to potential energy conversion by rolling a cylinder up a ramp
  • Rube-goldberg contraption to show energy interconvertibility
  • Working model of hydroelectric power station and wind mill

Assignments and evaluation

  • Answering worksheets/ textbook questions.
  • Conducting written test/quiz.
  • Encouraging students to answer some challenging questions. (i will either upload or submit a hardcopy)
  • Making them think about possibility/impossibilty of perpetual motion machines.

Self reflection

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