Friedrich (Class 8) Force and Pressure


Jun 2 - Jun 23 (3 weeks)

Instructional Objective

  • To understand the idea of force and its effects
  • To learn about various types of of forces
  • To understand difference between contact and non contact forces
  • To learn about the force of friction
  • To understand the concept of weight and units used for the measurement of force
  • To understand the concept of pressure and its relation with thrust
  • To learn about example of pressure in everyday life
  • To understand the principle and working of a manometer
  • To study the effect of atmospheric pressure

Teaching processes

  • Talk about motion and rest, discuss about the cause and make the students reach the concept of force.
  • Activities which convey the effects of force.
  • Making them recollect the daily activities and find out the different forces involved.
  • Explaining the difference between force and pressure.
  • Stress on understanding meaning of the equation of pressure.
  • Enable them to write equations by understanding definitions.
  • Discuss the measurement of atmospheric pressure. Ask them to think of any other method of measuring atmospheric pressure. Enable them to make a presentation or a working model.

References and suggested reading

Support materials and special need modification

  • Simple worksheets
  • Familiarizing with new terms by making a list and ask students write a note about it.
  • Sit with the student once a week and help him/her to write answers to the questions given in the textbook/ worksheets.


  • Different activities which show the effects of forces on different objects.
  • Different activities on both atmospheric pressure and fluid pressure.

Assignments and evaluation

  • Project presentation by each student/group on a self chosen topic/experiment/working model.
  • Answering worksheets/ textbook questions.
  • Conducting written test/quiz.

Self reflection

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