9 Acidsbasesandsalts Lessonplan Vinay

Instructional Objectives

  • Theories of acids, bases and salts
  • Strengths of acids and bases
  • Acid base neutralization
  • Indicators
  • Properties of acids bases and salts
  • Strong and weak acids and bases
  • Ionic product of water
  • pH
  • Importance of pH scale and it's calculations
  • Preparation of soluble and insoluble salts
  • Testing for different salts
  • Crystal hydrates
  • Solubility of salts
  • Manufacture and use of baking soda, washing soda, plaster of paris and bleaching powder.

Teaching process

  • All the above concepts are taught with detailed explanation. Hands on experiments will be incorporated for preparation and testing of salts.

Suggested reading

  • Acids, Bases and Salts from IGCSE and NIOS textbooks


  • Salt preparation and testing of ions
  • Usage of pH paper
  • Handling of Acids and Bases

Assignments and Evaluation

  • Problems on pH from NIOS textbook
  • Intext questions from IG and NIOS textbooks
  • Extensive problem solving on salt analyses
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