9 Chemicalcalculations Lessonplan Vinay

Instructional Objectives

  • Should be able to define relative atomic mass on carbon 12 scale.
  • Should know mole concept and its connection to avagadro number.
  • Application of moles to various elements, compounds, gases and solutions.
  • Interrelation b/w mole, avagadro number, atomic weight and volume of gases and do the related calculations.
  • Concept of emperical and molecular formula and finding them using the mole concept.
  • Should be thorough with units in chemical calculations.
  • Calculate the relative atomic mass of an element given the relative abundances of its isotopes

Teaching Process

  • All the above concepts are taught with hand on experiments (Calculation with liquids) and numerical calulations

Suggested reading

  • Practice problems from ICSE textbook.


  • Titration is taught in detail. Students will perform titration with reactions prescribed in the syllabus

Assignments and Evaluations

  • This topic needs extensive problem solving. Hence problem sheets will be given at appropriate times.
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