9 Electrolysis Lessonplan Vinay

Instructional Objectives

  • Understanding electolysis as a relation b/w electricity and chemical changes.
  • Terminologies like electrodes, cathode, anode, electrolytic cell, electrolyte etc etc
  • Should know the difference between strong and weak electrolytes.
  • Mechanism behind electrolysis
  • Electrolysis of lead bromide, aluminium oxide, water, copper sulphate etc.
  • Application of electrolysis in electro metallurgy, electro plating and electro refining.
  • Should know electro refining of copper in detail.
  • Should be able to write ionic equations for oxidation and reduction.
  • Should know electrochemical series in detail
  • Introduction to galvanic cell

Teaching process

  • Involves explanation of the above concepts
  • Thorough practice in ionic half reactions
  • Making the students aware of the importance of electrolysis in industries


  • Electrolysis of water
  • Electrolysis of copper sulphate
  • Galvanic cell as a reverse process
  • Electroplating
  • Analysis which vessels are healthiest to cook in (copper/iron/Teflon coated/stainless steel), store water in, etc.
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