9 Hindi Annualplan Banu

June to September:

  • Section -1: Health Lessons of information, Chapters 1-5
  • Transfer of information, art of writing and unseen passages, newspaper articles.
  • Section-1: Environment and Geography, Chapters: 6-1,4
  • Section-3; Geography passages and listening comprehension
  • Writing: To write about the poem in own words .Do the exercises given in the text.
  • Free writing will be done on the topics related to nature.
  • Section: 4: Environment, information, health and Tourism.
  • Related articles to be read and exercises, formal and informal writing.

October to December:

  • Section-1, 2, 3, 4: Health, geography, information, Environment and tourism.
  • listening: Listening to the story and follow instructions given.
  • Speaking: speak about the story .To talk about the topic and to express in own words.
  • Writing: Free writing, summary writing, paragraphs on topics given and letter writing.
  • Project: to choose on any one of the topics and present
  • Unseen passages on the topics given above.

January to March:

  • Section-5, 6,7,8,9, 10: Culture and society, science and technology
  • Listening: Listening to conversation and understand the situation.
  • Speaking: to speak about the story heard and to imagine and talk about the topic.
  • Free writing- and writing about a topic that they would like to write.

June to March

  • Phrases and proverbs
  • Rhetoric (alankars)
  • Usage of language
  • Telegram, telephone conversation, interviews, speeches and elocution.
  • Report writing, reports-articles from; magazine.
  • News- reading and writing. News articles summary writing, presentation.
  • Notice-writing, advertisements.
  • Precis writing
  • Letter writing- formal and informal writing
  • Unseen passages, free writing, Essay writing.
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