9 Linear Equations Lessonplan Hema


Instructional objectives

  • Revise concept of a linear equations
  • Graphical representation of a straight line.
  • Interpret graphs of linear equation.
  • Standard form of linear equation, y=mx +c
  • Concept of gradient and ‘y’ intercept.
  • Finding out equation of a line by analyzing the graphs.
  • Finding the length of a straight line.
  • Finding the mid- point of a straight line.

Learning objectives/Teaching process

  • Draw a line from its equation by drawing a table and plotting points
  • Find the gradient, x intercept and y –intercept from the equation of a line
  • Calculate the gradient of a line from its graph
  • Find the equation of a line if you know its gradient and y intercept
  • Find the equation of a vertical or horizontal line
  • Calculate the gradient of a line from the co-ordinates of two points on the line
  • Find length of a line segment and co-ordinates of its midpoint


- Worksheets on the above referred concepts to be provided.( Copies shall be enclosed as and when prepared)
- Modified worksheets for special needs students shall be provided( Copies shall be enclosed)

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