9 Sst Annualplan Banu

June and July: Prism-book-8-9

  • Medieval India:
  • Archaelogical sources
  • literary Sources
  • Artistic Sources
  • India between 700AD and 1200AD
  • Culturally united politically divided, the struggle for kanauj, Impact of the Battle of Kanuaj
  • The Rajputs, Mahmud of Ghazni, Saints and Conquerors, Mahammad of Ghor.
  • Life of the People and Political Organization.
  • The Mughal Empire
  • Who were the Mughals
  • Mughal Military Campaigns
  • Mughal Emperors-Babur , Humayun ,Akbar, Jahangir, Shahjahan, Aurangzeb.
  • Mughal Traditions of Sucession and realations with other rulers
  • Mansabdars and Jagirdars
  • The Mughal Empire in the seventeen Century and after.
  • Reference books: The puffin History of India for children 3000BC-AD1947, movies and videos.

August-September:History ICSE-10 (Pg-179-192)

  • Medieval World
  • Europe in Medieval Times: Feudalism,Organize of Feudal Heirarchy, rights and Duties of the Lords
  • Life in the Feudal Manor, Merits and demerits of feudalism, Developments that led to the decline.
  • Arab civilization during the medieval period. Cultural and religious life

October-December: History,

  • Modern World-1
  • Impact of Decline of Feudalism
  • Renaissance, Reformation, Development of Science, discovery of Newlands.
  • Industrial revolution, Age of Revolutions,
  • American war of Independence
  • French Revolution
  • Unification of Italy
  • Unification of Germany
  • Socialist Movement and the Russian Revolution
  • Modern World-11
  • Industrial Revolution, innovations, impact of industrial revolution
  • The Rise of Imperialism and Colonialism, imperialism inAfrica, Asia, China,South and S.E.Asia.
  • Causes of world war-1, system of alliances, pan slav movement and the Balkan politics.
  • The course of the war-1914-1918—Immediate Consequence of world war-1
  • Causes for the growth of fascism and Nazism.
  • Developments in other parts of the world.
  • World War-11 Causes, consequence- Foundation of United nations Organisation
  • Objectives of United Nations Organisation.

January –March :History

  • Reasons for coming to India
  • Methods of Colonization in India
  • Anglo-Mysore Wars,Anglo-Maratha Wars, Anglo-Sikh Wars, Economic Impact
  • Land revenue Policy and Land Settlements
  • Commercialisation of agriculture
  • British Impact on society and culture.
  • Protests Movements.
  • Impact of the Revolt of 1857
  • Religious and social Awakening in colonial India
  • Popular resistance to the British Rule
  • Indian national Movement
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